About Us

Solace is an unique outdoor cafe serving up gourmet street food, inspired by South-East Asian cuisine. You and your friends/family can enjoy nutritious & delicious food in a bush setting. Our exciting menu includes: roti toasties, bao burgers, kefir superfood smoothies (high in probiotics) & wholesome homebaked treats. There are also handy frozen curry/meal packs to take-home and enjoy later.

Our goal is to bring you SOLACE = Scrumptious, Organic & homegrown where possible, Locally-sourced (reduce food miles & increase freshness), Artisan (& Asian-inspired), Clean-eating (real food, no junk) comfort-cuisine that is Ethically-sourced (fair trade & sustainability are important to us).

Great food, fantastic coffee, bike and dog-friendly, fairtrade & sustainable goods stall, organic edible garden, accessible location & plentiful parking are just some of the reasons to come and visit.

Our story so far ... Solace is owned/operated by Melinda Chiew (Mel), who started an eco-ethical gift/book shop,  including a Fairtrade Organic coffee & food cart, inside Wesley Mission in Sydney's CBD called H.O.P.E. Collective (Helping Others & Planet Earth) in 2012. The H.O.P.E. Collective shop moved to Manly in 2013 for a brief period and then continued online (www.hopecollective.org). Over the next few years, Mel found herself catering and cooking for friends/colleagues whilst working as a specialist admin at a school, before trying to sell her style of street food at food markets. 

Eventually, she bit the bullet to pursue her passion, purchased a food/coffee caravan, and set up an outdoor eco-ethical cafe (with edible garden, worm farm, compost, kids zone, 24/7 Free Pantry, and mini library) outside "Church on the Hill" in Ingleside in 2019. Things started well for this unique outdoor bush cafe in Ingleside but dwindled with the continuing effects of the pandemic and then a year of unrelenting wet weather in 2022. So, in January 2023, Solace moved to Belrose, outside Northgate Church (cnr Forest Way & Wearden Rd), after the kind and timely invitation of pastor/comedian/podcaster Duncan Robinson

Stay tuned as our journey continues ... ie. follow us on Facebook and Instagram