What's on the Solace Dinner menu? (current at Jan 2024)

Dumplings & street snacks

Starters to share &/or family favourites

Cantonese prawn 'hargow' steamed dumplings (4 pc)  9.9

Shanghai-style pork-chive dumplings steamed (6 pc) 11.5/ pan-fried 12.5

Hong Kong-style steamed BBQ pork bun - 'cha siu bao'  4 ea

Indonesian jumbo prawn crackers (5 pc)  5.9 

Spring onion roti pancake (w soy sauce)  5 ea

Garlic-butter roti flatbread  5.5 ea

Roti toasties (our fusion faves)

Two crisp flaky rotis filled w your choice of fillings

Cheese  9

Ham & cheese  9

Spinach, cheese & mushroom  11

Beef Rendang w potato & rice  13.90

Curry Bowls

Served w fragrant steamed jasmine rice & toasted roti flatbread

Malaysian beef rendang  19
An aromatic, rich, & complex blend of spices, herbs & fragrant ingredients. A favourite among Indonesians & Malaysians alike, this tender beef curry with our addition of potato is deeply satisfying.

Butter chicken 18
This is one of our best-sellers with good reason. Not too sweet or spicy, but well-balanced with our special addition of potato & kumera. No food colouring added; no shortcuts taken. Made with love, from our family to yours.

Chickpea, lentils, zucchini & kumera 17
This curry is loved by vegans & omnivores alike. Treat yourself to a bowl of deliciousness & prebiotic goodness. Green & red lentils, chickpeas, kumera, zucchini & peas will nourish you & delight your tastebuds.

Extra roti (or steamed rice)  4.5
Slow-braised pork belly is sliced & then seared in a pan, accompanying fried egg, mushrooms, our homemade cucumber pickle, homegrown garden greens, your choice of sauce & topped w crispy shallots. What more could you want? This bao burger is deeply satisfying. Your tastebuds will thank you! :)

Sweet Endings

Fudgy walnut brownie (GF)  5.9

So decadent & delish, you won't believe that it's gluten-free.

Wholesome choc-chip cookie  3.9

Who said cookies can't be good for you? Ours is deliciously nutritious w wholesome oats, wholemeal flour, walnuts, chia, flaxseeds, dark choc chips, wattleseed ... no wonder it was a lockdown-favourite for a local celebrity chef!

Roti pancake w banana & nutella/honey  7
Toasted roti, topped w fresh banana slices & your choice of nutella or honey. For extra yum, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream  + 2.5

Hot Drinks  *BYO cup: 20c discount!

Organic & Fair Trade Tea 4.2


Black Tea (Eng. Breakfast/ Earl Grey/ Darjeeling/ Masala Chai/ Assam/Madagascar Vanilla)

Green Tea (Green/ Jasmine Green)

Herbal Tea (Lemon Ginger/ Peppermint/ Chamomile/ Rosehip)

Solace Org. Sticky Chai Tea 5.9                       Our house blend of spiced black tea brewed w Australian honey & milk

Teh Tarik (Malaysian 'pulled' tea) lrg 5.9

A strong black tea (FT Org) w sweetened condensed milk poured/'pulled' btn 2 jugs for aeration/froth.

Fairtrade Organic Coffee

Espresso/ Long Blk/ Ristretto/ Macchiato 3.9/ Lrg LB 4.5

Piccolo  4.3

Flat W/Capp/Latte  reg 4.5/ lrg 5.2

Vietnamese coffee  lrg 5.9

Specialty Hot Drinks

Belgium Hot Chocolate Stirrer 6.5

Rich decadent chocolate (FT Org.) in steamed milk: Milk/Dark/Chai/Chilli

Hot Choc (organic) reg 4.9/lrg 5.5


Mocha (organic)  reg 5.4/ lrg 6


Organic Chai/ Turmeric/ Matcha Latte  reg 5.4/ lrg 6


Dirty Chai/ Hot Choc Chai (organic)  reg 5.9/ lrg 6.5


Babycino (w marshmallow) 2


* ADD: Extra shot/decaf/honey/ caramel/vanilla/choc/iced .55

Soy/almond/oat milk .75

Cold Drinks

Solace Jun ('cousin of kombucha')  6.9
Jun is a refreshing probiotic tea drink served w ice, lovingly made in-house using Fairtrade Organic green tea fermented w local organic honey. 

Milkshakes  sml 5.5/lrg 6.5
Choose from: caramel, chocolate, vanilla or strawberry 

Iced coffee/tea/chai/matcha/chocolate ... (large price + .55)
Your favourite hot beverage poured over ice in an extra large cup. 

* EXTRAS: extra shot/decaf/honey/ caramel/ vanilla/choc  .55        Soy/almond/oat milk .75   Ice cream  2.5

Bottled Drinks - A wide selection of Daylesford & Hepburn Springs Drinks: Organic cola/ginger beer; apple/orange juice; sparkling lemon, orange & passionfruit; sparkling mineral water.

Kefir (probiotic) Superfood Smoothies 

Give your immune system a probiotic boost w our own house-made kefir blended to make a tasty superfood smoothie. Nutritious & delicious!

Acai Berry Bliss  11.5
Acai w guarana for extra energy, berries, our own milk kefir (high in probiotics), banana & honey. Guarana-free option available upon request.

Matcha Marvel  9.7
Matcha green tea powder combined w our own milk kefir (high in probiotics), banana & honey.

Turmeric Treat  9.7
Turmeric spice mix combined w our own milk kefir (high in probiotics), banana & honey.

Peanutella Pleasure  9.7
Irresistibly delicious! Nutella & peanut butter combined w our own milk kefir (high in probiotics), banana & honey.

Choccy Chai  9.7
The perfect combination of chocolate & chai powder blended w our own milk kefir (high in probiotics), banana & honey.

Superfood Trio  12.9
Three  powerhouse superfoods (Acai berry, Matcha green tea & Turmeric spice mix) combined w our own milk kefir (high in probiotics), banana & honey.

Green Detox  10.9
The Honest To Goodness Organic Supergreens blend w 100% organic spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa, wheat grass and barley grass powders blended w honey, milk, milk kefir and banana.

Protein Power  12.9
Get a protein & probiotic boost! Whey protein is combined w our own milk kefir (high in probiotics), milk, banana & honey. Choose between chocolate, banana or vanilla flavour.

Street snacks & Artisan Bakery Treats

Jumbo prawn crackers (krupuk udang) - gluten-free  5.9
Bag of 5 proper prawn crackers (jumbo-sized), no artificial colours or flavours. But totally addictive! Gluten-free. Contains egg & shellfish.

Shallot roti pancake (Vegan)  5
Crispy flaky multi-layered flatbread w shallots, served w a dash of soya sauce. Totally addictive.

Garlic-buttered roti bread  5
Crispy flaky multi-layered flatbread toasted w our garlic-butter. For garlic bread- lovers.

Wholemeal Chia Banana Bread  5.7
Our wholesome homebaked banana bread made with wholemeal flour, chia & honey. Best served toasted and buttered (add 50c). No added refined sugar.

Fudgy chocolate & walnut brownie (gluten-free)  5.9
A fudgy gluten-free brownie treat, rich with flavours of cocoa, dark chocolate & walnuts. No added refined sugar.

Wholesome Choc Chip Cookies  3.9
A favourite with a local world-renowned Michelin star chef! Deliciously wholesome oats, wholemeal flour, dark choc chips, walnuts, chia seeds & flaxseeds is lightly sweetened w brown sugar. No added refined sugar.

Take-home Curry Packs

 Frozen 1L serves 4; subject to availability. Pre-ordering is recommended

Butter Chicken  39
Smooth & satisfying Butter Chicken curry w potato & sweet potato (mild, contains dairy). Simply reheat & eat! Mildly spicy.

Beef Rendang  41
Arguably Malaysia's (some say Indonesia's) national dish, our Beef Rendang is a richly-spiced, delicious & complex beef curry w potato (medium hot). Simply reheat & eat! Mild-medium spicy.

Chickpea, Lentil & Sweet Potato w Zucchini Curry (Vegan)  37
Nourishing chickpea, lentil, sweet potato & seasonal veg curry (mild, Vegan). Determined to come up w a curry that would satisfy omnivores, vegos/vegans alike, Mel (Solace owner) repeatedly tweaked this recipe until she was so happy with it, she ate it 3 meals in a row! Have one of these in stock at all times in case a Vego/Vegan drops in for a meal. Mild-medium spicy.

Malay Lamb w potato & eggplant  43
Quickly becoming the new local favourite, our Malay lamb curry is deeply satisfying and comforting ... and not just for lamb lover's! It is one for the whole family to enjoy. Mildly spicy.

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